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Transform Your Health and Wealth with Relevant Habits

Our interactive workshop is designed for women to learn how to increase energy, reduce stress and make good financial choices.  The focus is on providing the tools you need to have the lifestyle you want. We normally have them a couple of times a year and will let you know when we schedule the next one.

Robin Gordon is a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist whose passion is helping people live the best life they can with the money they have.

Heidi Tuberson is a Health Coach whose passion is helping women develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them.

Maura Fredericks is an Executive coach whose passion is helping people create action plans for lasting change.

We will cover:

Holistic health, including eating, sleeping, and life balance
Financial planning, including the many ways you can make your money grow
Relevant habits, including how to create change for good.
When:  TBA
Where: TBA
Cost:  TBA



"Real nice workshop. It was fun, relaxing, non-threatening and an enjoyable way to spend the morning."  

"All of the information was very helpful.  Information about retirement, healthy tips, and habit exercises were all helpful"  

"The ties between nutrition, health and direct how to's; ideas on reducing debt and prioritizing paying off debt vs savings; and concepts of replacing habits with what we really want were most valuable part of the workshop"  

"Heidi's roadmap to health, Robin's strategies of financial health and Maura's Habit Loop got me focused." 

"Helped to realize the importance of goal setting and realistic approach with actions to achieve my goals.  Also to be kind to yourself and protect your identity."  

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